👋 Hi, I'm Yuhan

I'm a second year PhD student at the Human-Computer Interaction Lab at Princeton University, advised by Dr. Andrés Monroy-Hernández. Previously, I earned my Master's degree at Carnegie Mellon University, where I worked together with Dr. Haiyi Zhu, Dr. Steven Dow, and Dr. Robert E. Kraut. My research interests lie in human-computer interaction and social computing. I'm especially interested in exploring and developing socio-technical systems.
Sep 2023 One paper accepted by CSCW 2024. (First author)
Sep 2023 Starting my second year at Princeton University. I'm TAing for COS 436 Human-Computer Interaction this semester
May 2023 Started my internship at Palette Labs working on decentralized food delivery systems.
Mar 2023 One workshop paper accepted by CHI 2023. (First author)
Jan 2023 One paper accepted by CHI 2023. (Co-author)
Nov 2022 Attended CSCW 2022 as a student volunteer.
Aug 2022 One paper accepted by HCOMP 2022. (Co-author)
Jul 2022 Started my Ph.D. at Princeton University. Go Tigers!
(not so new) news...
Conference Papers
  1. Comparing Experts and Novices for AI Data Work: Insights on Allocating Human Intelligence to Design a Conversational Agent
    Lu Sun, Yuhan Liu, Grace Joseph, Zhou Yu, Haiyi Zhu, Steven P Dow.
    HCOMP 2022. pdf
  2. Agent-based Simulation for Online Mental Health Matching
    Yuhan Liu*, Anna Fang*, Robert E. Kraut, Glen Moriarty, Haiyi Zhu
    Preprint. pdf
  3. Understanding Human Intervention in the Platform Economy: A case study of an indie food delivery service.
    Samantha Dalal, Ngan Chiem, Nikoo Karbassi, Yuhan Liu, Andrés Monroy-Hernández
    CHI 2023. pdf
Workshop Papers
  1. Should Policymakers be Involved? Understanding the Opinions and Needs for Independent Food Delivery Platforms in the United States regarding Public Policy
    Yuhan Liu, Amna Liaqat, Andrés Monroy-Hernández
    CHI 2023 Workshop on Designing Technology and Policy Simultaneously: Towards A Research Agenda and New Practice. pdf